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Welcome to All In Aviation, the leading flight schools and aircraft rental center in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Our fleet comprises the industry’s most advanced aircraft, ensuring we offer world-class, safe, and fuel-efficient flight training with the latest technology.

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Lifting Up Dreams Kicking Off Careers

Our team of highly qualified and standardized instructors will help you achieve your personal and professional aviation goals, with our safety focused flight training program.

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Proudly partnered with the worlds most desirable aircraft company, Cirrus!

Lifting Up Dreams
Kicking Off Careers

Learn to fly with an experienced team of highly qualified flight instructors, using our fleet of technologically advanced aircraft while maintaining a focus and dedication to safety and professionalism.

All In Aviation Flight School's

All In Aviation is much more than a flight school. We’re a partner you can turn to as your aviation needs evolve, from your very first flight through the most advanced pilot certifications.

Commitment to Safety

At All In Aviation, your safety comes first!
Our fleet of aircraft are maintained to the highest standard by FAA Part 145 Repair Station and our flight instructors are required to complete monthly proficiency simulator scenarios to ensure your training experience is tee’d up for success.

Cirrus Platinum Training Partner

Discover the thrill of flight in a Cirrus.
Our instructors complete an in depth and thorough training and standardization program to effectively train for any certificate or rating from Private - CFII.

Years of Experience
Private Pilot License (PPL)

Earn your private pilot certificate in order to fly yourself on your own schedule and carry family and friends along.

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Pilot Instrument Training (IFR)

Your instrument rating will allow you safely and legally fly in the clouds and keep you from waiting out the weather.

Pilot Instrument Training (IFR) Las Vegas
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

You want to get paid to fly an airplane?!  Commercial Pilot Certificate will give you the license to make a living in aviation.

Commercial Pilot License CPL Las Vegas
Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Sharing your passion for aviation with others is best achieved by teaching.  CFI & CFI-Instrument, will allow you to accumulate hours as a paid instructor.

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Cirrus Transition Training

Pilots looking to safely fly Cirrus Aircraft themselves can accomplish transition training in the model specific to their mission.

Flight Simulator

Practice emergencies, procedures and scenarios in our FAA certified flight simulator, where you can hit the pause button and make multiple attempts to refine your skills.

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From your very first flight to achieving advanced certifications, All In Aviation is dedicated to supporting your evolving aviation goals.

Experience and Expertise

Our highly qualified instructor and flight training advisor will guide you through your journey and have a proven track record of success.

Cirrus Platinum Training Partner

Discover the thrill of flight in a Cirrus.
Our instructors complete an in depth and thorough training and standardization program to effectively train for any certificate or rating from Private - CFII.

Modern Facilities

Step into the future of flight with our modern facility featuring cutting-edge simulators and state-of-the-art classrooms

Commitment to Safety

At our flight schools, your safety is our top priority, with meticulously maintained aircraft and instructors dedicated to risk management.

Facilities and Amenities aT ALL IN AVIATION

Soar above the ordinary

Modern Training Facilities

Opened in 2020, our HND headquarters is designed around your flight training needs with personalized briefing rooms, modern pilot shop, and hangars that are managed by our highly engaged line support staff.

High-Level Flight Simulators

Our ALSIM SR20 simulator is a cutting-edge flight simulator designed to give our pilots an immersive experience as they hone their skills and prepare for real-world flying.

Training Equipment

Every aircraft in our fleet of Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna & Cirrus come standard with airbags and is maintained to the highest standard possible.

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Check out our reviews and see what happy pilots say about their experience at our All in Aviation flight schools.

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