Private & Instrument Ground School Las Vegas

All in Aviation offers Private Pilot Ground School training in North Las Vegas (KVGT) and Henderson Executive Airport (KHND).

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Private Pilot Ground School in Las Vegas | Henderson

Being a safe, competent & proficient pilot is more than having good stick & rudder skills, there is an incredible amount of information to comprehend and be knowledgeable with.

All In Aviation is proud to regularly host 3-day, consolidated group ground schools for both Private Pilot & Instrument Rating for $599-All In!

Ground pilot School Las Vegas

All necessary materials are included. Preparing for an FAA check-ride or reviewing information one-on-one with your flight instructor can prove costly and an inefficient use of time.

Our group ground school setting typically attracts 5-12 other like-minded aviators to fill 3 full days of content in a classroom environment. Learning starts Friday promptly at 8AM with a break for provided snacks in both morning and afternoon sessions and a 1-hour lunch for your own off-site eating preference.

The days generally end around 4-5pm daily depending on class engagement. This course is not intended to learn rote test answers or employ memorization strategies to pass FAA written tests, but instead provide a comprehensive understanding of all areas of the relevant FAA Airmen Certification Standards (ACS) Tasks for the specific certificate or rating you are seeking. You will be more readily equipped to pass both the FAA written & practical exams!!

These ground schools are great for both Las Vegas / Henderson residents and people looking to travel from around the world seeking a great learning environment. You do NOT need to be an existing All In Aviation client to participate, and in fact we encourage students from competing flight schools to use this as an opportunity to check us out and experience the difference.

For those traveling, be sure to ask about our negotiated rates with neighboring hotels & casinos. If flying yourself in, we would be happy to hangar your aircraft in one of our hangars for a nominal fee. However you get here, we look forward to sharing the classroom together and working through the extensive and detailed content with one of our skilled Certified Flight Instructors.

Upcoming Dates
Private Pilot Ground School – February 21-23, 2025 / June 13-15, 2025 / October 10-12, 2025
Instrument Rating Ground School- November 1-3, 2024 / April 11-13, 2025 / November 14-16, 2025

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Opened in 2020, our HND headquarters is designed around your flight training needs with personalized briefing rooms, modern pilot shop, and hangars that are managed by our highly engaged line support staff.

High-Level Flight Simulators

Our ALSIM SR20 simulator is a cutting-edge flight simulator designed to give our pilots an immersive experience as they hone their skills and prepare for real-world flying.

Training Equipment

Every aircraft in our fleet of Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna & Cirrus come standard with airbags and is maintained to the highest standard possible.

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