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All In Aviation is much more than a flight school.

We have a team of professionals dedicated to delivering a flight training experience unmatched in the Las Vegas Valley.

From facilities, to aircraft, our line service staff, and of course, our flight instructors, we aim to exceed your expectations.

What to Expect

Your first interaction will inevitably be with our Flight Training Advisors. They will arrange a tour and work to understand your individual flight training needs and set forth a plan to execute. From enrolling you in training, connecting you with FAA medical examiner, getting finance partners introduced, coordinating TSA approvals (if applicable), pairing you with a flight instructor, accommodating schedule changes, even arranging for your FAA checkride, you have a co-pilot guiding your path every step of the way.

Every flight school has airplanes, we aim to offer the best fleet of aircraft available. Our fleet exemplifies the most modern, safest, and well-maintained option. Whether you opt for training in our G1000 Cessna 172’s equipped with airbags, or our Cirrus aircraft that are standard with autopilot, air conditioning, roll-cage, and the CAPS whole airframe parachute system you will arrive to your lesson with a red carpet awaiting. Our team of line service professionals works to ensure that you can focus on flying, while we take care of the details. You can expect a clean windshield, fueled up aircraft, maintenance records available for review, and a cold water waiting- so you can start on your pre-flight right away. While other schools require you to fuel your own airplane and pay for the flight instructor to assist, we strive to maximize your time spent learning and have a dedicated staff with this in mind.

All In Aviation isn’t only going to give you the VIP treatment, we’re also going to give you the highest quality instruction! Our instructors are highly vetted. Having the license alone is meaningless, All In Aviation goes above and beyond when picking instructors. Every one of our CFI’s is required to achieve the higher-level certification of CFII (Instrument Instructor). Not only that, all instructors at All In Aviation complete a week long Cirrus standardization course, Training Center Instructor (TCI), before they fly with their first client whether in Cessna or Cirrus. This ensures we have the most highly qualified and standardized instructors available to serve your flight training needs. As the flight instructor employer of choice in the Las Vegas Valley, we have the benefit of attracting the best of the best! Many of our instructor staff move from afar to work here, but many are also home-grown. Our interview, training and standardization process is unique to flight schools and helps to deliver on the promise of delivering a pinnacle flight training experience.

We go at your pace! With our guidance, you are ultimately in charge of your aviation journey. We work with you, taking your schedule, budget and goals in mind, to determine what your training regimen will look like. The one-on-one learning allows for you to learn at your pace without the pressure of a classroom of students. If there is something that you pick up right away, you won’t need to spend more time on that. Meanwhile, if something is more challenging for you, we will work with you until you master it.

We were proud to open our brand-new flight training facility at the Henderson Executive Airport as COVID was ramping up in early 2020. After our ownership couple, Paul & Lindsay Sallach, traveled the country delivering brand new Cirrus airplanes to owners, they got to see over 1000 different airports, flight schools & FBO’s. This served as inspiration on what to include in a brand-new flight school in Las Vegas / Henderson. Private briefing rooms, meeting rooms & conference rooms, customer lounge, pilot shop, classroom, private offices, and maintenance facilities were all included and available to serve your flight training needs. Our North Las Vegas location was also renovated in 2018 and includes many of the same features. We welcome you to schedule a tour any time and experience for yourself what it looks like to Go All In!

Becoming a pilot doesn’t only require learning a new language, but also getting new stuff! Our pilot shop has all the necessary study materials, routine publications, and pilot equipment and, of course, the gear needed to look the part. We are proud to be both a Bose & Lightspeed Dealer for the aviation headset of your choosing. Open daily for 8am-5pm at our HND location, come check us out!

We sincerely hope that you will consider All In Aviation for ANY of your flight training needs- private, instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII, recurrent training, Cirrus training, Embark training, or just wanting to complete a Discovery Flight.
Are you in town for a short visit? Let’s train over the Grand Canyon to experience a flight lesson like no other! We can do it all.

There are many choices when it comes to selecting a flight training provider- Let us show you why choosing All In Aviation will be the best decision you make in your aviation journey. While All In Aviation might not be the cheapest, it will surely be the BEST! We hope to have you come take a tour and experience All in Aviation firsthand soon!

Private Pilot License (PPL)

Earn your private pilot certificate in order to fly yourself on your own schedule and carry family and friends along.

learn to fly las vegas
Pilot Instrument Training (IFR)

Your instrument rating will allow you safely and legally fly in the clouds and keep you from waiting out the weather.

Pilot Instrument Training (IFR) Las Vegas
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

You want to get paid to fly an airplane?!  Commercial Pilot Certificate will give you the license to make a living in aviation.

Commercial Pilot License CPL Las Vegas
Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Sharing your passion for aviation with others is best achieved by teaching.  CFI & CFI-Instrument, will allow you to accumulate hours as a paid instructor.

Presley Mittelstadt, Line Service Manager
Cirrus Transition Training

Pilots looking to safely fly Cirrus Aircraft themselves can accomplish transition training in the model specific to their mission.

Flight Simulator

Practice emergencies, procedures and scenarios in our FAA certified flight simulator, where you can hit the pause button and make multiple attempts to refine your skills.

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Facilities and Amenities aT ALL IN AVIATION

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Modern Training Facilities

Opened in 2020, our HND headquarters is designed around your flight training needs with personalized briefing rooms, modern pilot shop, and hangars that are managed by our highly engaged line support staff.

High-Level Flight Simulators

Our ALSIM SR20 simulator is a cutting-edge flight simulator designed to give our pilots an immersive experience as they hone their skills and prepare for real-world flying.

Training Equipment

Every aircraft in our fleet of Garmin G1000 equipped Cessna & Cirrus come standard with airbags and is maintained to the highest standard possible.

Client Feedback & Reviews

Check out our reviews and see what happy pilots say about their experience at our All in Aviation flight schools.

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